Professional and Qualified Dealers

All of our dealers are fully trained, qualified and certified to deal. Our casino staff are always very outgoing, polite and upbeat. They ensure your guests are feeling comfortable and having fun at all times. We can deal all kinds of card games such as: five-card-stud, seven-card-stud, black jack, Texas Hold-em, and more…

Why choose our dealers?

When hosting a party, allowing guests to play games can be very entertaining. It is important to have trained professionals, who know how to host a game and to keep the flow of the game moving. Our dealers are more than capable to host a game, as well keeping things flowing smoothly for your party.

We have been very fortunate to have dealers who are top in what they do. They are very personable, friendly, and can be quite humorous which will make your guests more inclined to stay at the table. Our professional staff are very open-minded in terms of allowing strippers to do shows while they are dealing, whereas most companies are not. Entertaining is what we love to do.

How much does it cost?

The average dealer fee in Toronto is $200 per 5 hours. For other fees, see our fees page.

Note: All profits go to the groom. Most companies who provide dealers take money; with us, it is the other way around: we give it all back to the Groom. We think it’s fair. 

What kind of dealers do you have and for what kind of parties?

Our dealers are primarily for bachelor and bachelorette parties in Toronto. However, in you want it for a birthday party, we can have them serve you as well. If you are in the
surrounding cities, please be sure to call us to see if we will service your area.

Our dealers are primarily used for:

  1. Poker
  2. Black Jack
  3. Texas Hold-em

Our Guarantee

Hands-down we have the best dealers in Toronto

Play good and maybe you`ll win a prize tonight.



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Some Testimonials

“We hired Stag Masters to host our Groom’s bachelor party in Collingwood, and we had a blast! All the girls were super hot, and the guys were very professional.” – Jacob N