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Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Strippers

If you’re in Niagara falls with your friends and you want to have a great time, try booking stripFiper. We have both female strippers and male strippers from almost every ethnicity. We have the most variety.

Stagmasters are familiar with every hotel in the city. Let us know which location you want them to perform, and we will send them to you.

How do I book a male stripper in Niagara falls?

  • Give us a call or email us at
  • Let us know what the occasion is
  • What day and time it is
  • How many ladies will be in the bachelorette party
  • What costume do you want the male stripper to arrive in?
  • What music or props do you want the male stripper to bring?

The most common show for women is when they book a male cop to come in. They arrive in the hotel or house and pretends that a neighbour has called them because of a noise complaint. They come in, and they ask the woman to sit down as she needs to be spoken to, and that she needs to read her rights. He then says she is under arrest for disturbing the peace and he handcuffs her and sits her down, and start the show.

How do I book a female stripper in Niagara falls?

To book a female stripper, the process is similar to the above. Our most common show is the hot-duo show. Two female strippers arrive dressed in hot nurse outfits. They arrive and say that they need to give a full check-up to the bachelor. The girls push the man into a chair, and they open their blouse, and they check his heart with a stethoscope while they sit on his lap. They then move to a lapdance, and then they begin to strip.

The girls will then entertain the rests of the guys by normally giving a small lapdance or tease to other gentlemen in the room.

Hosting a stag party in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a great place to host a stag party. It is known for several attractions:

  • The Falls
  • Lady of the Mist (a boat that takes tourists near the falls)
  • Bordering the US
  • Casinos: Fallsview Casino and Casino Niagara
  • Restaurants, Malls, and other small entertainment shops
  • Strip Clubs

As one of Canada’s premier entertainment agency, we send strippers frequently to Niagara Falls.

Be sure to ask about our famous Stripper of the Mist show. The show includes a stripper with a machine that blows out mist during the show. This would be a fun and entertaining strip show especially if you have a view of the falls from your hotel room.


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Female Strippers

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Male Strippers

Niagara Falls male strippers are well known for the beautiful view of the falls from several hotels. We are able to have a male dancer dress up and visit as a waiter, working for the hotel, and ask if you are ordering any champagne. This is our most popular request. If you are interested in …

Exotic Dancers

If you are thinking of having a fun and exotic night, Niagara Falls is the city to do it. Beside us being able to provide you with male and female exotic dancers for your batchelor or batchelorette party, we also have other occasions we can help you. For example: Many couples come to have an …


A Strip-O-Gram usually happens in a office situation. For example: it is your co-worker’s birthday and we can send a female or male dancer in your office to deliver a “package.” Sensual music can play, and the delivery person can begin stripping in front of your office mate. Here are some common strip-o-gram themes to …