Stagette Parties in the GTA

Need help choosing a stagette idea? Our male strippers are the most handsome in town. Whether you want a man who looks rough, or a man with pretty boy looks, we have them all.

Types of Male Strippers


  • Rough Look Stripper
  • Model Type Stripper
  • Biker Type Stripper
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Beef Cake Stripper
  • Cop Stripper
  • Boy Next Door Stripper
  • Black Male Strippers
  • Spanish Male Strippers
  • Medical Professional Stripper
  • Fire Fighter Stripper
  • Cowboy Stripper
  • Mullato Male Stripper
  • Paramedic Stripper
  • Postman Stripper
  • Batman Stripper
  • Elvis Stripper
  • Army Man Stripper
  • Plumber Stripper
  • Business Man Look
  • Waiter Stripper
  • Conan Stripper
  • Tarzan Stripper
  • Top Gun Stripper
  • Mechanic Stripper
  • Construction Guy Look Stripper
  • Maintenance Man Stripper
  • Pizza Man Stripper
  • Rocky Stripper
  • Santa Stripper
  • Elmo Stripper
  • Chicken Stripper
  • Superman Stripper
  • Incredible Hulk Stripper
  • Jock Stripper
  • Football Player Stripper
  • Nosey Neighbour Stripper
  • Dentist Stripper
  • Accountant Stripper
  • Lawyer Stripper

Why should we choose Stag Masters?

We have been in the male and female entertainment industry for over 25 years. We are one of the first Stagette Party Hosting Companies in Canada.

How do I book a Stagette Party?

To book a Stagette Party, simply give us a call at 416 909 2000