Bachelor Ideas

It’s that day where you and your buddies get to have that special party. This moment will be remembered for a lifetime.

We host the absolute best bachelor party in Toronto

We have been hosting bachelor parties for many years. Our customers are always repeating with their friends and family.

Why do customers like to host their bachelor parties with us?

Below are some reasons as to why we are popular:

  1. Fantastic and professional female dancers
  2. We have quality shows
  3. Professional dealers for card games
  4. We have all of the equipment ready: party bus, poker tables, and more…
  5. We have all of the female costumes that you could think of

What are some of the most popular female theme shows that we offer?

  • Sexy Cops
  • Hot Nurses
  • School Girls
  • Hot Secretaries
  • Seductive Teacher
  • Wild Dominatrix

    bachelor party ideas

    When was the last time your secretary teased you?

  • Nosey Neighbour
  • Beautiful Cowgirl
  • Madonna Look-a-like
  • and a lot more…

What are some good bachelor party ideas?

Here are some good bachelor party ideas:

  • Blind-fold the guest of honor: we would remove the blind-fold for him to see two hot female strippers in front of him
  • Female dominatrix can come and whip the guest of honor’s ass, and tie him up as she strips for him
  • Sexy cop can come in and slam against the wall, frisk him, and hand cuff him
  • The hot nurse can do thorough check-up to make sure all of his organs are functioning in full capacity
  • Secretaries can ask for a raise by using her long legs and bending over in front of him to pick up the scotch tape