Bachelorette Parties

Need to arrange a bachelorette party?

You have a choice of costume such as a Cop, Fireman, Pizza Man, Construction Worker,

Biker, Doctor, Fed Ex, Chef, Zorro, GQ, Security Guard, Elvis, CowBoy, Conan, Clown, Pilot, and Prisoner. And a lot more!

Female Male and combinations available with reliability and discretion.

With 15 years of experience we know how to insure your party is an event to remember.

Customers who have chosen to have their bachelorette parties with us have been very happy.

The Fees for a G-String Male Show is $150 ( full nude show is an additional $30 ) for a 20-30 minute show. They will be available for table dancing after the show. Consultation is free.

Some tips when booking a Toronto bachelorette party?

  1. Location Matters:
    If your looking to have a bachelorette party and hire a female entertainer, it is most advisable to choose a corner unit in a hotel. This helps avoid complaints, especially as it would be noisy with the music and screams.
  2. A Matching Theme:
    You want to make sure that the costume of the mail stripper matches your theme. Also, make sure the costume does not resemble the same profession of the bride`s husband. For instance, if she is marrying a cop, you do not want the male stripper to be dressed up as a cop.
  3. Bring a boom box or music player:
    In the odd occasion, the music player that the agency would bring could run out of battery or they would forget their music case. You want to make sure you have a music player and the CD`s that you want to play.


bachelorette parties

Hosting a bachelorette party?