Bachelorette Ideas

Need help looking for bachelorette ideas? Choosing what to do for your special party can be really fun. There are so many ideas and activities that you can do. Below are some of our friendly suggestions.

Here are some bachelorette ideas that we can do for you:

    1. Rent our Toronto Party Bus and visit cities all over Canada
    2. Build a book and put a bunch of photos of male strippers in the book
    3. Buy a bunch of T-Shirts and have them customized to your Bachelorette party
bachelorette ideas

Have a male dancer as Santa Claus

  1. Learn Pole Dancing: have a professional pole dance instructor teach you and your friends a few tricks on the pole.
  2. Have a pool party and hire a bunch of dancers
  3. Have a leg garter on the guest of honor, and have the male dancer take it off with their teeth

Here are some other bachelorette ideas

  • Cook a cake penis with all of your friends
  • Make a signature drink
  • Perfect your BJ skill

If you have any more ideas and you would like to suggest it to us, please email us at: