A Strip-O-Gram is when a female or male exotic dancer arrives at a party or an office and acts out a skit in costume of your choice and totally fools the Guest of Honour or Victim. Stag Masters provides a very classy show for both the party and the corporate client.

Exotic Dancers

Meet beautiful blonde exotic dancers in your area.

With 15 years of experience we know how to insure your gift is an event to remember.

Fees range from $150.00 ( Canadian ) to $250.00 ( Canadian ) for a 20-30 minute show with dancers available for table dancing afterwards.

Consultation is free.

Contact us online or by phone at our local number:

416 909 2000

Toll-Free: 1-800-730-7824

What do some of our male clients say?

“We hired a Female Fedex delivery girl, to perform on the CEO of our company. She came in dressed in the authentic costume and said that she needed him to sign her “package. He then signed, and all of a sudden the music came on from behind the secretaries desk and she said: I also have a package for you, so you better sit your ass down.” 

The CEO realized that because it was his birthday, it was a planned event from the staff members. He loved it very much, and we all had a kick from it.”




What do some of our female clients say?

“It was our best friend’s birthday, and we ordered a a male cop to go to her office. He said that we were investigating company theft, and he said: we have you on camera taking multiple items and putting it in your purse. He then said: I am sorry but I will have to place you under arrest for company theft. Please put your hands behind your back. He then hand-cuffed her in front of everyone in the office. She was in tears.

Suddenly, music started playing in the background, and the man began to dance. This was the best male stripper in Toronto I have ever seen.”

-Antoinette G.