How much do strippers make?

How much do female strippers make?

A lot of people do not realize that some strippers can make a lot of money. Not every stripper will be successful, but with the right personality, look, and business attitude, they can earn over six figures. The exact salary estimates of strippers range from 1K to 30K a month. These estimates are from our research in talking with female strippers at different agencies.
Their salary rates depend on varying factors such as:

  • Number of Hours Worked
  • Income Level of Clients
  • Strippers’ ability to attract gifts, tips, and incentives
  • Location of activity (which city they service)
  • Strippers’ ability to build rapport, and create long-lasting relationships with clients


Some strippers earn more than many white-collar professionals

Both female and male strippers can earn more than doctors and lawyers. One female stripper that we interviewed was named “Suzanna.” Suzanna was working only 5-20 hours per week, and she was earning 1K per week as cash payments. She had only one client who happened to be a very successful business owner. They would be given gifts, money, and the opportunity to travel with him in his business trips.
In this particular case, Suzanna had build a strong relationship with her client. Her client trusted her and expected exclusivity and privacy. Their relationship turned out well and they continue to see each other for over 2 years.
In other countries like Japan, certain male strippers are able to earn even more. They behave more as a companion to females. These females are normally very successful as well and they seek someone to care for them and pamper them. They do not want the emotional drama or exigencies that often tied with having a marriage or serious relationship.
Sometimes these type of relationships turn into serious and long-term relationships, and even marriages. Especially since you spend so much time with each other and you begin to develop much more than physical attraction.

Most of it is cash

Most strippers earn cash. Some are given pre-paid credit cards or gift cards for their most favorite retail stores. While others receive expensive gifts like jewelry, watches, electronics, clothes, and even vehicles. Typically strippers earn from $100-500 per hour. Some strippers have multiple clients, while others only have one.

You have to treat the client well

They key to building a lucrative business in this industry is for the stripper to learn what their client wants. Often times, it isn’t just a physical experience, it’s actually emotional experience or understanding that stripper gives. Strippers who master the emotional side of the client engagement will earn the most.

What kind of strippers are there?

As a stripper there are two ways that you can operate: either at a strip club, or as a mobile stripper. You can either work for a club or agency, or be an independent. There are pro`s and con`s to each. We have found that working for an agency is more advantageous as they typically have better clients; most strippers working for an agency typically earn more for each hour they work.
For instance, working for a club – you get access to their clients and you do not incur any marketing costs. However, you do have to pay the club a certain fee. Also most of the clients that are in this club are normally drunk. If you choose an agency, you normally pay a referral fee for each booking and not a fixed rental fee. The key is to find an agency that has good quality clients.

How do they market?

Strippers can market in a variety of ways. There are two categories of marketing in this industry: online and offline. Online marketing would be through popular directories, forums, social media networks (twitter, instagram), and websites. Whereas offline marketing would be through referrals, and at a strip club.

Problems with being a stripper

The biggest issue with being a stripper is that a majority of your earnings are in cash. And because it is in cash you are unable to use it for buying major purchases that require an employment history. However, you can use this cash to pay for other expenses such as car, rent, mortgage payments, cell phone payments, tuition, child care expenses, medical expenses, travel and vacation costs, clothes, and shopping.